22004-2 S34 Burner Assembly


Assy, S34 Burner.  Used on all S34 models

Replacement insulation pieces also included


Sunpak S34 Burner Assembly

Used on Models: S34, S34-TSH, S34-TSR.  For S25 models use part# 22004-1

Material: Ceramic

Function: The burner assembly is one of the main components of the Sunpak heater.  The burning gas/air mixture on the face of the burner, heats up the ceramic tiles which in turn give off infrared energy (heat).  When working properly, the burner appears a pinkish color in bright daylight and orange at night.  The burner is sold as one piece, the individual tiles are not replaceable.

Common symptoms of a failed burner: The heater seems to work fine when it’s first started up.  After some time, there is a loud bang followed by a fluttering sound (helicopter like).  This is caused by a micro crack in the ceramic or gap in the gasket material between the tiles.  An increase in the burners temperature causes thermal expansion, resulting in combustion on the inside of the burner rather than on the face where it should be.  Another symptom is the heat pattern that develops on the backside of the burner assembly.  This can only be seen by removing the top cover from the unit.  A defective burner never heats up properly and gives off very poor infrared heat.

Installation: Sunpak burner replacement (pdf)

Other Notes: We include part# 32047 white insulation pieces with new burner assemblies to aid in the change out.