Sunpak Model S34-TSH (Two Stage Hardwired)

The NEW Sunpak® two-stage patio heater is ideal for the commercial environment.  Two levels of heat are controllable with an included simple switch.  The hardwired control allows you to design a system to control multiple heaters from a panel if desired and durable enough for commercial applications.  Three wires are required to control the ON/OFF and HIGH/LOW functions.  The 24 VAC low voltage control allows for easy wiring from a transformer to a switch to the heater.

Sunpak Heaters can effectively heat outdoors because they warm people with infrared radiant heat instead of hot air.  Radiant heat warms people and objects such as tables, chairs and floor directly without heating the intervening air.  Turn the heaters on to HIGH to warm up a chilled patio and adjust the heaters down to LOW as your guests get comfortable.  Proper patio layout and design are important with any patio heating system.  We always recommend working with a professional installer to maximize coverage and ensure safety.  Each Sunpak heater is CSA designed certified to rigid ANSI standards.

Part# 12052 TSH control switch

Part# 15082 4hr Timer Switch

S34-TSH Specifications

  • 25,000-34,000 BTH/Hr
  • Black or Stainless Steel
  • Two-Stage Control
  • Natural Gas or Propane
  • 24 VAC – 20 VA
  • Electronic Ignition
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted
  • CSA Design Certified
  • Rain Protected
  • Optional Beveled Face Trim

WARNING - California Proposition 65

If not installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, this product can expose you to substances in the fuel or from combustion including carbon monoxide which can cause death or serious illness and which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65WARNINGS.CA.GOV

TSH Natural Gas Models

Item No. Model BTU Range Gas Type Finish Electrical Wt.
25,000 - 34,000 Btu/hr
Natural Gas
Stainless Steel
24 VAC / 20 VA
41 lbs
25,000 - 34,000 Btu/hr
Nautral Gas
24 VAC / 20 VA
41 lbs

Specification: Patio Heater shall be Sunpak Model S34-TSH or equivalent with adjustable input from 25,000-34,000 Btu/Hr, utilizing a ceramic burner, electronic ignition, flame rectification safety, operating with 24 VAC control.  Heater casing to have dimensions of 8″ x 8″ x 48″ long and the heater must be CSA design certified for outdoor use.  Follow Manufacturer’s clearance to combustibles requirements.

Mounting kit should be specified as Item No. 12006  – Mounting Kit Black  or  12006-6  Mounting Kit Stainless.  Kits are universal to all Sunpak models.

TSH Propane Models

Item No. Model BTU Range Gas Type Finish Electrical Wt.
25,000 - 34,000 Btu/hr
Stainless Steel
24 VAC / 20 VA
41 lbs
25,000 - 34,000 Btu/hr
24 VAC / 20 VA
41 lbs

S34-TSH Minimum Clearances

Radiant heat comes out through the aluminum grill below and hot exhaust gases exit from the top of the unit. 

Adequate space around each heater is required even when the materials surrounding the heater are non- combustible to provide adequate combustion air and ventilation of exhaust gases.  Heaters should never be located in a ceiling recess or soffit.

Each heater must be installed such that the following “Minimum Clearance to Combustible Materials’ are maintained.  Combustible materials include wood, compressed paper, plant fibers, plastic, Plexiglas® or other materials capable of being ignited and burned. Such materials shall be considered combustible even though flame-proofed, fire retardant treated or plastered. Additional clearance may be required for glass, painted surfaces, vinyl siding or other materials which may be damaged by radiant or convection heat.

Minimum Clearance to Combustibles

Model BTU/h Side In Rear In Ceiling In Below In Mtg Angle
30° Max

Technical Information

TSH Series

IOM Manual

Spec Sheet

Switch Wiring Diagram

Mounting Kit


Optional Face Trim

FAQ S34-TSH Models

Common questions as they relate to Home Owners, Restaurants and Installing Contractors can be found on our FAQ page.

Item No. 12006     SP Mounting Kit Black
Item No. 12006-6  SP Mounting Kit Stainless Steel

The mounting kits are universal between all Sunpak models.

For a single heater, any brand transformer with the following specs will work:  24 VAC – 20VA (minimum)  Each heater requires 20VA, if two heaters are used, the transformer will need to be 40VA.  Five heaters would require 100VA and so on.

The TSH comes with its own switch.  However, the heater doesn’t care what turns it on/off.  For example, a timer could also be wired into the circuit for added control.

What about a thermostat?  Not recommend.  Infrared energy passes through the air and heats people and objects directly.  Since thermostats measure air temperature they won’t work outside.  The heaters might never turn off.

As a general rule of thumb, each Sunpak heater will heat approx. 10 x 10 ft of area.  A 10 x 20 ft patio would use two heaters.  Remember that with infrared, the heater will only heat things it can shine on.  Heaters should be positioned so they “shine” where the people will be.

Heaters mounted between 8-9 ft from the floor seem to hit the “sweet spot”.  7ft is considered the minimum.  Anything below this becomes a safety issue and will most likely be too intense to stand under.  Heaters mounted over 10ft are less effective.

Recommended ceiling height: 10 ft 6 in

Minimum ceiling height: 9 ft

With a 9 ft ceiling the TSH (0° angle) will be just 7 ft from the floor.  In reality this is probably too low.  In all but the coldest situations, the heater will be too hot.  At 30° angle the TSH will need a 9 ft 5″ min ceiling height to account for the 18″ required top clearance.

If you have questions about this please contact us.

No.  The TSH control board is incapable of accepting any wireless signals.  The handheld remote for the TSR only works with the TSR model. 

It is possible to make the TSH work with wireless controls if they are used to switch the control voltage on/off.  This would have to be done through 3rd party sources.

No.  This would require changing out the control valve and other parts.  It’s possible but not recommended.  If the procedure is done incorrectly, potential fire and death can occur.  Contact us for help on conversions. 


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