5140- TSH Black Nat

Note: If replacing an existing unit, the same or less btu output heater should be used.  Contact us if you have questions.

Mounting kits are universal across all models.  If you are replacing the same btu heater, the old  mounting hardware can simply be transferred to the new unit.


Heater Type: S34 TSH Black (Two Stage, Natural Gas, Black Finish)

Output: Two heat settings – 25,000 btu Low / 34,000 btu High

Serial Number: 5140

Voltage: 24VAC

Mounting Height: 9-10 feet from the floor.  Top clearance 18″ when heater is angled 30 degrees.

Coverage: Typical coverage is 10×10 ft area.

Literature: TSH Manuals, Field Wiring, Spec Sheet

Notes:  There are some scratches  and damages to the paint on one edge visible.   The unit was briefly installed (less than 1 week) and returned for one in stainless finish. This heater has been bench tested and carries a 1 year warranty same as new.